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A few common questions...


Are your tables solid concrete?

Yes, absolutely. These are solid pieces, unlike other 'concrete effect' alternatives. I don't work with Microcement, as it tends to crack and chip easily.


Do you deliver and install yourself?

I deliver and Install every piece myself to ensure a proper install.


Can I choose the concrete colour?

Yes, the concrete is made from a white concrete mix with pigment added to achieve a wide range of colours. I can collaborate with you to achieve your desired colour.


How far do you deliver?

I cover the majority of England and Wales, as well as parts of Scotland. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your location. Unfortunately, due to their weight and size, the tables cannot be easily shipped.


Can I choose a leg style and colour?

There are nearly endless leg options available. I can create a variety of steel legs, powder-coated in a colour of your choice, and collaborate with a skilled woodworker who can produce an array. of wood styles


Does the concrete stain?

The concrete is sealed with a highly specialized sealer that protects it against scratches and stains. Coupled with concrete's natural hardness, this makes it one of the most durable surfaces for heavy-use areas such as tables, kitchen countertops, and BBQ areas. The concrete is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. With proper care, it can last many years and is also easily repairable and re-sealable to rejuvenate it after extended use

Delivery Terms and Conditions:

As the manufacturer, I am responsible for crafting and delivering the product to the curb of the specified delivery location in pristine condition. However, due to the varied nature of each delivery location and the size and weight of each piece, I cannot be held liable for any damage incurred to the product or property from curbside to the final delivery location. It's important to note that I am not a delivery specialist, and while I can offer guidance based on my experience delivering to many locations, specialized assistance should be arranged if necessary. Each piece will be delivered on a wheeled A frame trolley designed to fit through most doors, facilitating the delivery process.

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